PROS 2014 Summer Meeting

Monday, June 23 - Wednesday, June 25

Sawmill Creek Resort in Sandusky, OH

PROS rate $139/night (valid 2days before and after conference

Fore Reservations contact" 419-433-3800

Tentative Schedule
Monday - Tour of Davis Besse Nuclear Power Station
Tuesday - Speakers Day - Speaker from FirstEnergy Corp, NRC Headquarters, NRC Region III and more
Wednesday - PROS business meeting day
Possible afternoon trip to Cedar Point
Thursday - PROS Board of Directors Meeting (members welcome)

Arriving at Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron/Sandusky, Ohio, you immediately sense the beauty of this special place. Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, the 240 room Lodge, 18-hole Tom Fazio Golf course and 50,000 s. f. of flexible meeting space are set on 235 acres of affordable luxury. Three restaurants, marina, shops, pools, beautiful lakefront sand beach and a 500 acre nature preserve will satisfy your resort expectations set in a region of Ohio’s largest tourism attractions and islands.

In the Summer, families again and again want to have family time and tell us they will play all day here or go for Cedar Point thrills, rides and water parks, but in the evening they want to come back to be by themselves ... together as a family. "Sawmill Creek Resort is that place to have quality time and reunite as a couple or family". You too will learn, appreciate and remember your Sawmill experience.


In this Initial Decision, the Board resolves the claim of Charlissa C. Smith that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff (Staff) unlawfully denied her 2012 application for a senior reactor operator (SRO) license. We also address her allegations that (1) the Staff should have granted her a waiver of the 2012 operating test; (2) the Staff allowed her to be evaluated by a team of examiners in 2012 that was biased against her based on their knowledge of her 2011 operating test performance; and (3) the Staff, acting on her request, improperly performed its administrative review of her 2012 operating test.

Attached is the complete story.

Read the story and comment on this news item.

Sanmen 1 or Haiyang 1?

Another milestone accomplished for the China AP1000 Projects: The Passive Containment Cooling Water Storage Tank (PCCWST) was set earlier this month at Haiyang Unit 1.  The PCCWST is positioned on top of the shield building and is the last major module lift for Haiyang Unit 1.  Congratulations to all involved in this milestone!  See more photos of lift and placement:

The Passive Containment Cooling Water Storage Tank (PCCWST) was set earlier this month at Haiyang. Is this disigned for aircraft crashes?

China's Sanmen 1 or Haiyang 1, who will be first on line?

Pictures from Shandong Nuclear Power Company, Ltd.

NRC Responded to an Alert at Fermi

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission responded to an Alert declared March 20, at 2:05 p.m. EDT at the Fermi Nuclear Generation Plant due to a small fire near the turbocharger of a diesel generator. The fire was quickly put out and the Alert was terminated at 3:32 p.m.

The single-unit plant is operated by Detroit Edison Co., and is located in Newport, Mich., about 25 miles northeast of Toledo.

The plant is currently shut down for a refueling outage and is in a stable condition. There was no radiation release and no impact to plant workers or the public.

The NRC resident inspectors at the site are following the event in consultation with NRC staff at the NRC Region III Office in Lisle, Ill.

Workers at the plant saw fire in the vicinity of the turbocharger, an air intake system, on one of station’s four diesel generators during routine testing. Plant workers were able to quickly extinguish the small fire. The other diesel generators were not affected.

An Alert is the second lowest emergency level in the NRC’s emergency classification system.

The NRC will review the circumstances surrounding the incident.

WOLF CREEK GENERATING STATION LER: Failure to Comply With Required Action of Technical Specification 3.4.3 While Performing a Vacuum Fill

During a review of outside operating experience it was discovered that the Wolf Creek Generating Station (WCGS) had been in violation of Technical Specification 3.4.3, "RCS Pressure and Temperature (PIT) Limits." Limiting Condition of Operation 3.4.3 requires the Reactor Coolant System (RCS) pressure, temperature and heatup and cooldown rates be maintained within the limits specified in the Pressure/Temperature Limits Report (PTLR) at all times.

WCGS draws a vacuum on the RCS at the end of refueling outages to fill the RCS using procedure SYS BB-112, "Vacuum Fill of the RCS." The RCS heatup and cooldown limitations in the PTLR only specify a pressure to 0 psig. A vacuum was drawn on the RCS two times during the past three years which was outside the limitations contained in the PTLR.


During an inspection, a small amount of boric acid residue was noted in the vicinity of the Pressurizer heater components. Subsequent examination revealed a small flaw in Pressurizer Backup heater Bank B element 11. This component is part of the primary system boundary. Repair options are being evaluated. Currently, Unit 3 is in Mode 5 in preparation for refueling. The repair will be performed prior to restart.


10 CFR Section: 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(A) - DEGRADED CONDITION

RX Type: [3] W-3-LP,[4] W-3-LP

Dungeness B: Flood safety fears shut nuclear reactors

Dungeness nuclear power station

EDF Energy said Dungeness B operated normally during the recent floods and storms

EDF Energy "betrayed the public" after safety fears led to the closure of both reactors at Dungeness B nuclear power station in Kent, campaigners have said.

They were taken offline for two months last May while extra sea defences were installed after a review into Japan's Fukushima disaster highlighted risks.

Barrie Botley, of Kent Against a Radioactive Environment, said not enough details were given at the time.

EDF said it had ensured that everyone knew about what was happening.

A massive earthquake and tsunami which led to the nuclear meltdown at Japan's Fukushima reactor in 2011 prompted new research into the flood risk at Dungeness.

Extreme weather

The review concluded that there was "a theoretical but plausible scenario in an extremely rare case where water could have got on to the site, potentially up to waist height", the BBC understands.

EDF issued a statement last May saying Unit 21 was offline for "planned refuelling" and Unit 22 for "improvements to flood defences for extreme events".

It said both units were expected to be returned to service that month.

CHARLISSA C. SMITH: Denial of Senior Reactor Operator License Overturned by the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (A MUST READ)

by Bob Meyer

This story is a real shocking story about NRC Licensing. NRC withholding information. Top officials were known to have knowledge of potential exam impartiality, acording to testimony of a seasoned examiner.

The Board ruled to give Ms. Smith the SRO license, but the NRC could appeal. There are 40 days available for the NRC to initiate an appeal.

The Atomic Safety and Licensing Panel granted Ms. Smith her Senior Reactor Operator License after a two year long ordeal. Ms. Smith, employed at the Vogtle Units 1 and 2 site took the original exam in 2011. She failed the written and passed all other portions of the exam. The NRC did not grant a waiver for the simulator portion of the exam for the retake exam in 2012. Ms. Smith passed the written in 2012, but the NRC did not pass her on the simulator portion.

Cooper Nuclear Station LER: Secondary Containment Declared Inoperable due to Rise in Differential Pressure

On January 6, 2014, the differential pressure (DP) in the reactor building rose above the requirement of -0.25 inches of water column DP, causing entry into Limiting Condition of Operation (LCO), Condition A. Secondary containment was declared inoperable at 02:45.

The DP transient occurred when a non-licensed plant operator (NLO) was hanging tags in support of maintenance work. During the process of hanging tags, the NLO inadvertently opened the wrong drain valve. When the wrong drain valve was open, the reactor recirculation motor generator (RRMG) exhaust fan discharge damper that was operating closed. The NLO felt the change in DP and closed the drain valve, which opened the RRMG exhaust fan discharge damper, restoring ventilation. DP was restored, secondary containment was declared operable at 03:02, and the LCO was exited. During this event, DP remained negative at all times.

The root cause is the organization was not fully aware of the effects of the cross-over leakage between the reactor building envelope and the RRMG exhaust system. To prevent recurrence of this event, procedures will be revised to ensure adequate precautions are taken to avoid exceeding the -0.25 inches of water column DP requirement, information about the effects of cross-over leakage will be incorporated into the appropriate training

Oyster Creek, Unit 1 LER: Reactor Protection System (RPS) Actuation with the Reactor in Hot Shutdown

On December 17, 2013 at 1958 EST, while shut down, the plant experienced a reactor SCRAM when taking the Mode Switch from REFUEL to SHUTDOWN. The jumpers required to prevent a full SCRAM for this Mode Switch change were not installed as required by procedure. The actuation was a result of the reactor mode switch being placed from the refuel position to the shutdown position without the scram bypass jumpers installed.

The root cause determined that an unvalidated assumption by the supervisors resulted in a reactor scram while shut down.

Corrective actions include training on requirements, in both a classroom setting and in dynamic learning assessments, to ensure operators understand and can implement the human performance fundamental tools that broke down in this instance. In addition, procedures will be enhanced to clarify verification requirements.

Corrective Actions
The root cause determined that an unvalidated assumption by the supervisors resulted in a reactor scram while shut down.

Corrective actions include training on requirements, in both a classroom setting and in dynamic learning assessments, to ensure operators understand and can implement the human performance fundamental tools that broke down in this instance. In addition, procedures will be enhanced to clarify verification requirements.

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