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You do not need to be an operator to join PROS. You will not be able to vote on issues if you are not licensed or certified. But please join. We have NRC, INPO, Engineers, Equipment Operators. We listen to your input. 

Bob Meyer


India's fast breeder reactor to go critical soon

Bengaluru, July 29 (IANS) India’s first 500 MW sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor would go critical by the year-end at Kalpakkam near Chennai, a top official said on Wednesday.

“Commissioning of a nuclear reactor is a four-stage process. We are completing the first stage of integrating the equipment and functioning of all components by this week-end,” Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam (BNVN) chairman and managing director P. Chellapandi told IANS here.

EDF buys majority of Areva reactor unit, seeks partners

Nuclear power station under construction

PARIS, July 30 (Reuters) - French state-controlled utility EDF is buying a majority stake in the reactor business of nuclear group Areva and will look for partners to take a minority stake.

The deal is crucial for France, which generates three quarters of its electricity from nuclear plants and needs to keep Areva alive in order to service its existing reactor fleet, as well as supporting its large nuclear industry with export contracts.

EDF said on Thursday it would buy between 51 percent and 75 percent of Areva's reactor arm Areva NP, while Areva would keep a maximum 25 percent. Areva said separately it would sell at least 75 percent of Areva NP to EDF for about 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion).


At 1351 EDT on 7/24/2015, Sequoyah Unit 1 reactor/turbine automatically tripped. 

Following the reactor trip, all safety-related equipment operated as designed.

Fukushima Operator Prepares to Lift 20-Ton Debris From Fuel Pool

The latest challenge at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is to remove a 20-ton piece of debris from a pool holding over 500 spent fuel rods.

Prefab Nuclear Plants Prove Just as Expensive

South Carolina Electric & Gas installed earlier this month the big module that will contain one of two reactors at the V.C. Summer site.

Building nuclear reactors out of factory-produced modules was supposed to make their construction swifter and cheaper, leading to a new boom in nuclear energy.

But two U.S. sites where nuclear reactors are under construction have been hit with costly delays that have shaken faith in the new construction method and created problems concerning who will bear the added expense.


Check the violations and corrective actions and compare them to your plant.

Violation #1: Violation of Ginna Operating License Condition 2.C.(3), “Fire Protection,” because Exelon Generation Company, LLC (Exelon) failed to perform 1-hour compensatory fire tours as required by the Technical Requirements Manual (TRM). Specifically, while a fire barrier component was physically removed, the TRM required a 1-hour fire watch inspection of the affected fire zone; Exelon was performing a 6-hour fire watch. Corrective actions included performing 1-hour fire tours, reinstalling the fire barrier when the work requiring its removal was completed so that fire tours were no longer required, and entering the issue into the corrective action program (CAP).

The finding has a cross-cutting aspect in the area of Human Performance, Resources, because Exelon did not ensure that procedures were adequate to support nuclear safety. 

ENEC installs nuclear simulator at Barakah site

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has successfully installed its second full scope APR-1400 training simulator this week at the organization’s Simulator Training Center (STC) Barakah.

Simulation training is part of the essential safety culture of the organization and plays a critical role in ENEC’s ongoing operational readiness preparations in the lead up to the completion of Unit 1 in 2017.

ENEC’s simulators are among the most advanced nuclear training devices in the world due to their complex core modelling and ultramodern Instrumentation and Control (I&C) systems.

They are used in conjunction with classroom and on-the-job training to teach Reactor Operator (RO) and Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) trainees the knowledge and skills needed to safely and efficiently operate a nuclear energy plant.

Developed in conjunction with ENEC’s Prime Contractor, the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the simulators replicate the actual environment and conditions that certified ROs and SROs in the Barakah NPP control room would experience in a real time situation.

They also provide students with the opportunity to experience unplanned events that they would otherwise not be exposed to in day to day operations.

Congress’s Other Nuclear Test

A pending 30-year deal with China requires oversight too.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are nearing the end of conference negotiations over the 2016 defense-spending bill. Among the matters still at issue is one that should be easy: When the U.S. government makes decisions on the export of sensitive nuclear technologies to China, the Director of National Intelligence should be in the room.

The U.S. and China first signed a nuclear-cooperation agreement in 1985, when China was a strategic partner against the Soviet Union. A lot has changed, but in April the Obama Administration agreed to renew the accord for another 30 years, pending Congressional review.

The deal’s basic purpose is to allow China to keep buying nuclear power plants from U.S. suppliers such as Westinghouse Electric, a slice of bilateral trade responsible for thousands of U.S. jobs, according to industry estimates. Yet civil-nuclear business carries proliferation risks, as technology used in power plants can also serve various military purposes.

Sailor faces 30 years in prison for keeping pics of classified submarine equipment

Since the issue of classification has emerged in the past day or so again, it’s worth remembering just how important it is for national security. This news item from the Hartford Courant in Connecticut demonstrates just how seriously officials are supposed to protect classified material and systems. The Department of Justice has charged a former Navy submariner with multiple crimes involving his retention of cell-phone pictures of classified systems on his boat. Former machinist’s mate Kristian Saucier faces up to 30 years in prison after serving five years in the Navy.

The FBI says a sailor took illegal photographs of classified systems on the U.S. Navy’s Groton-based, nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Alexandria and later tried to destroy the evidence when he learned that the Navy and FBI were investigating.

The Navy was alerted to the security breach when the town dump foreman in Hampton found a cellular telephone in a Dumpster and decided to keep it to replace his own. When he noticed that the phone contained photographs, he showed them to a retired Navy chief, who called the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

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