Benefits of Shopify over Magento:

Why Shopify is the Best Platform for 2018

Why is Shopify the best choice for your small ecommerce business?
Read and discover the benefits of Shopify over Magento!

In the ecommerce world, choosing a platform to build your own ecommerce business can be really scary. After you have selected your domain name, set up the homepage, the product pages, the checkout page, the information pages, comes the real work. We are talking about the technology that meets your needs and is integrated on your website, for example, live chat, call tracking, e-mail service provider, and etc.

All of these integrations and options take a lot of time, energy, and effort to configure and take more time to optimize. Therefore, selecting the right ecommerce solution from the start is super important. Not only will the right ecommerce solution offer the best features but it also saves you time from switching after your online store is up and running.

If you already have an ecommerce platform, is it worth switching to a better platform? Yes, it definitely is. Switching can be scary and costly and making the switch to the most supported and optimized ecommerce solution is worth the pain and investment. If you have a solid ecommerce platform and this platform doesn’t integrate well with other technologies and platforms, it is definitely time to do something. Shopify can solve the problems for you and make it super easy.

Why should you switch to Shopify? Well, Shopify is one of the best ecommerce solutions on the market, and for some businesses, even a better solution than Magento. It has thousands of available templates and themes, integrates with PayPal, supports blogs, works like a regular website, it is optimized for SEO and it is easily customizable, you can add coupons, you can make a customizable profile for your employees, integrates with live chats, it has an advanced reporting, and much more.

Here are a few reasons why anyone should go for Shopify rather than Magento or any other platform:


Support multiple languages

Did you know that 40% of online purchasers never buy products or services in other languages? Did you know that 50% of online purchasers said that the ability to obtain information in their language is more important than price? Having a website in customers native language creates a professional and friendly impression and can increase your business rate.

Manage store with your smartphone

Are you worried about your ecommerce store while enjoying your holiday?
Well, you have nothing to worry about as the Shopify mobile app allows you to manage orders, staffs, products, and customers from anywhere with your smartphone.


Integrate with dropshippers

Drop shipping is a method in which you don’t have to keep all of your items in stock. You can get in touch with the supplier that stocks its inventory. Whenever you receive an order from your store, you send the order and shipment details to the supplier and they ship the items directly to the customer.

Gift cards

It is a special type of product whose amount can be used as a payment. If you want, you can also issue a gift card to your customers free of charge as a reward for using your online store. Your customers can use the gift card to make a purchase from your store (in person or online)

Shopify gives you 14 days free trial to have a personal experience with them. Take advantage of the free trial and ensure Shopify is the best platform for you and your business.

Start now and create your own online store in just a few minutes!

Success Stories

Shopify: The best startup site for your small businessAfter a long search for the best ecommerce website builder, I finally settled on Shopify.

Lisa Becker

Though Shopify is not an open source platform still it is the best platform to use. It provides the best features which are the most beneficial! It has the highest scores as the SEO-friendly platform.

Joe Lee

Choosing this platform to produce the quality websites can be the best option for any business owner.

John Allman

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